Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Train your Space Sweethearts

How to train your Dragon

Shimmer Space Sweethearts

Hey everybody! Here are some drawings I did this week! Chugging away at comics, same old same old! The first is from Dreamwork's How to Train your Dragon, which ruled, and the art books rules even more!

The second one is like a BETA BETA BETA version of some characters I want to do in a webcomic (like in 201X!), it's a magical girl series! It's in space! It's gonna be called "Shimmer Space Sweethearts"!


Monday, September 20, 2010

More from White Shells, NC

Still chuggin' away! Here are some photobooth'd effected shots from the '56 part of the story!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White Shells, NC update/preview!

I haven't died!

I've been working on that story I told you guys about, the action packed one. I'm excited to announce that the first 16ish pages are almost done! Every girl in the comic has really fun hair to draw, but sometimes I don't even know whats going on with it, some of them need mad Pert Plus. Here is a crummy little photobooth picture of one of the later pages (the part that takes place in 1993, not the 1956 part)

Gotta get back to inkin', see you guys in a week or so!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Princess Merrilynn and her Enthusiastic Suitors!

Here are the black and white pages of my Senior project! It's about a princess who is unaware that she has some young men in her life that love her!

Stay tuned, because I think I might have some very exciting new pages to show everyone! I'm very excited about my next project, because it's nothing like anything I've done before. Thumbnailing it is beyond fun, and it is ACTION PACKED :o)
Merrilynn pg.1
Merrilynn pg.2
Merrilynn pg.3
Merrilynn pg.4
Merrilynn pg.5
Merrilynn pg.6
Merrilynn pg.7
Merrilynn pg.8
Merrilynn pg.9
Merrilyn pg.10
Merrilynn pg.11
Merrilynn pg.12

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are some Animorph designs I did a few weeks ago for school!

I know it's lame for your favorite character to be the main one, but Jake was just my favorite! I think my battle morph would be a huge bull, or maybe a rhino!

What would YOUR battle morph be?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy!

My first blog post!
In an attempt to be professional after graduating college (only 2 weeks ago!), I've started this blog! I'm going to keep everyone updated on what I'm working on. Also, I wanna see what everyone else is doing!
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy is a comic about a small alien who works for Comet Deliveries. He very recently got a new type of truck that is able to break down a wide variety of objects and use them as fuel!
These are a few tight roughs for the first few pages!
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Cover Rough
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 1
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 2
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 3
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 4
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 5
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 6
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 7
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 8
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 9
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy Page 10

Little V'Ger is going to end up visiting all of the planets in our solar system in search for his kidnapped sister!
V'GER: Intergalactic Delivery Boy cast!
From left to right, we have: V'Ger, Sissy Saavik, Gamma Granny and triKing Pluto! Obviously I love the first Star Trek movie a lot, but Wrath of Khan is so good too.
Sorry this post is bigger than Spock's patience and knowledge, I'm just very excited! Following posts will be much shorter!
Stay tuned!